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Marketing your business

How are people going to use your business if they don't know you exist?

We take your message and craft a highly visible, attractive, and relevant product to promote your business, increasing your exposure to the public and improving their perception of your brand.

It is a good idea to base your advert around a promotion. People pay more attention to marketing material if it has value to them. A significant benefit is that you can easily track the effectiveness of your campaign.

What kind of product should I use?

That depends on the market you are trying to reach. You might consider a passive method such as a print advert in the Yellow Pages or in a local newspaper, but you will get better results with a more active approach. Consider either bulk printing flyers in sufficient quantity to saturate a neighbourhood, a suburb or more, or you can take a more focused route with personalised direct mail marketing.

The advantages of bulk distribution.

Printing your message in large quantities has a number of benefits:

  • The largest number of people possible get to see your marketing,
  • Large cost savings on bulk printing due to the economies of scale,
  • Repeated exposure to your marketing reinforces your brand and your message.

The advantages of personalised direct mail

  • Research shows a significant increase in awareness to marketing messages that are tailored to the recipient,
  • Higher return on investment due to targeting people most likely to already be interested in your product and/or service.

How much should I spend?

Your advertising budget should be a significant proportion of your business' running costs. Cutting this budget during tough financial times is a very bad idea, and is often a significant contributing factor of a business failing.

What results should I expect?

The key to success is consistent repetition. You need to continually reinforce your brand and message with repeated exposure, so even if their response to your marketing isn't immediate your business will be in the forefront of their minds when their need arises.

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