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Paper Sizes, Weights & Types

Paper sizes in Australia are determined by the International Standards Organisation. This chart shows the sizes most commonly used in printing.

Your choice of paper weight can influence the impression you make on your customers. Heavier paper is generally perceived as being of higher quality, which can influence your clients beliefs as to the quality of your marketing, whereas lighter paper, being cheaper, would mean you could budget for a much wider distribution.

At Images on Paper (WA) Pty Ltd we offer a variety of paper stocks, ranging from 80gsm to 360gsm. To give you a basic idea of which paper would best suit your print job, basic photocopy paper is uncoated 90gsm, typical flyers and brochures are gloss or satin coated 130gsm, and business cards and postcards are coated 360gsm.

Paper weights

Paper weight is measured in Grams per Square Metre (gsm). A0, at 841mm x 1189mm, is exactly 1 square metre.  Therefore an A0 sheet of 90gsm paper will weigh 90g.

Each paper size down from A0 is half of the previous one, ie A1 is half of A0, A2 is half of A1 and therefore quarter of A0, and so on.

Since A4 is 1/16 the size of A0, a 90gsm A4 sheet will weigh 5.6g. You can then calculate that 500 sheets of 90gsm A4 will weigh 2.8kg.

Paper types

We stock two main types of paper plus certain specialty types.

Uncoated paper and card is the basic, low cost general purpose material.

Coated paper has been treated to produce a very smooth finish for more vivid colour reproduction, and is available in satin and gloss finishes. Coated paper is ideal for when you need to convey an impression of quality.

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